Interesting if not useless facts about cats:

I tawt I taw a puddy tat: Until the 2000s, the domestic cat was considered a subspecies of the European wildcat, also known by it’s latin name, Felis silvestris.  If that name sounds a little familiar, perhaps it should since it is where one of the most famous cartoon cats in the world received his… Read more »

Laser Therapy for your pet

Preston Animal Clinic is proud to offer laser therapy to help aid in the health, wellbeing and recovery of pets.  Laser therapy itself is non-surgical and can be an effective treatment for several conditions or may be used post-surgical to aid in recovery. Clinical applications for laser therapy have been well documented over the past… Read more »

What is an exotic pet?

The definition of exotic pet may change from person to person and organization to organization.  Often “exotic” pets which are quite common and established may be considered exotic by some definitions.  One of the simplest definitions in common use is an exotic pet is anything other than a cat or a dog and not livestock.… Read more »

Ensuring Your Dog Has a Healthy and Happy Winter Season

During the winter, our furry family members are subject to unique seasonal risks.  Knowing what to look for and how to avoid risks will make sure every member of the pack has a safe and enjoyable winter. Hypothermia We often hear about the dangers of dogs overheating in the summer, but just like us they… Read more »