Flea and Tick Prevention

Preston Animal Clinic Protects Your Pet Against Fleas and Ticks

Some of the biggest threats to your pet’s well-being come in the smallest packages. This is true, not only of small external parasites such as fleas and ticks, but also of the even-tinier disease organisms these little intruders can transfer to your pet. If you want spare your furry friend from some major health problems, you need to protect him against flea and tick infestations. You can get the help you need through veterinary pest prevention at Preston Animal Clinic.

Why Fleas and Ticks Are So Harmful

Fleas and ticks may not look as if they can do much damage, but you might be surprised at just how many ways they can harm an animal. The bites they make to draw blood through the skin can cause dermatitis, an itchy irritation that compels a pet to scratch or bite the affected area. If the skin is sufficiently damaged, bacteria can enter, potentially causing significant infections. But even more alarming is the range of diseases transmitted through those bites. Ticks carry Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and other dangerous germs. Fleas can transmit cat scratch fever, haemobartenellosis (a blood disease), and, most infamously of all, bubonic plague. In the most severe cases, a large-scale infestation can draw enough blood from a smaller pet to cause life-threatening anemia.

Preventative Strategies From Our Veterinarians in Cambridge, ON

Some pet owners wait until their animals are already infested before pursuing measures such as medicated baths to get rid of the pests. But by the time your pet is infested, those dangerous diseases may already have been transmitted. The best time to protect your pet against fleas and ticks is before those infestations can occur — and our veterinarians in Cambridge, ON can help.

Preston Animal Clinic offers ongoing preventative care in the form of medications that stop fleas and ticks from infesting your beloved dog or cat. Some of the medications are oral drugs, while others are topical ointments; collars may also be a good option for animals who aren’t allergic to them. Some preventatives kill only fleas, others kill only ticks and still others kill both pests. We can recommend the product or products best suited to your pet’s specific needs and environment. For an extra margin of protection, we can provide you with tips for keeping your home and lawn as pest-free as possible.

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