Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care From Preston Animal Clinic in Cambridge

Caring for pet dental needs is a big part of maintaining a pet’s health. Preston Animal Clinic in Cambridge offers veterinarian services of all type for dogs and cats, including dental procedures. Here is some information about taking care of your pet’s teeth and how our veterinarian can help.

Why It Is Important To Take Care Of Pet Dental Health

Taking care of your pet’s teeth is every bit as important as the rest of their body. If your pet suffers from a dental problem, in addition to pain, bacteria will settle into your pet’s mouth. This could lead to a variety of health problems that necessitate medical intervention. Failing to bring your pet for dental care if problems arise could lead to life-threatening occurrences like heart disease or kidney failure. It is best to bring your pet to our veterinarian for an evaluation at the first indication that a tooth is causing difficulty for them.

How To Take Care Of Your Pet’s Teeth At Home

It is important to take the time to tend to your pet’s oral care at home on a routine basis. Purchase a finger brush or dental wipes to help whisk away debris from the surfaces of your pet’s teeth. Use a brush along with a pet toothpaste to remove debris from the teeth. Wipes work without toothpaste. Do visual inspections of your pet’s teeth and gums regularly to look for areas with inflammation that require help from our vet to find relief. Tarter control treats are also effective at removing this harmful substance from your pet’s teeth quickly and efficiently. 

Problems That Could Arise With Your Pet’s Teeth

Tartar buildup is one of the main causes of tooth problems for pets. This could be decreased with proper oral care practices. Other tooth problems include broken teeth, losing teeth altogether, inflammation of the gums, an abscessed tooth, and bad breath difficulties.

Why Seeing Our Veterinarian Can Help Your Pet’s Dental Needs

Our veterinarian will conduct routine appointments including the checking of your pet’s teeth during each session. This way, a history of your pet’s teeth and gums is available to look back on at subsequent appointments to determine if deterioration is occurring. Our veterinarian handles a variety of oral care procedures in addition to standard exams. Cleaning of the teeth is done during regular appointments to minimize the chance of periodontal disease. Tooth pulling and other surgical procedures are conducted when medically necessary for the health of your pet. 

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