Pet Ear Infection

Ear Infection Treatment From Preston Animal Clinic

There are certain problems that can develop in people as well as animals. While many are familiar with the troubles of a GI bug such as vomiting and nausea, ear infections are another common issue that both species can contract. When a pet develops an ear infection, this can be a scary time for the pet owner. It can leave people wondering how their pet contracted such an infection and what they are going to have to do to make their furry friend feel better. Fortunately, there are several important pieces of information that have been put together by the Preston Animal Clinic for the benefit of everyone in Cambridge.

The Dangers of a Pet Ear Infection

When a pet has come down with an ear infection, there are a few dangers that every pet owner should be aware of. One of the first problems that might arise is that the infection could spread throughout the rest of the body. If the infection reaches the bloodstream, this can lead to a number of serious complications. In addition, if the ear infection is not treated quickly, this could lead to permanent hearing loss for the animal. No pet owner wants to see this happen. Therefore, it is important for every ear infection to be treated by a trained veterinarian as quickly as possible. This will give every pet the best shot at making a full recovery.

The Treatment of a Pet Ear Infection Depends on the Diagnosis

Before the treatment process can begin, it is important to arrive at the right diagnosis. In order to do this, the trained veterinarian will make sure to do a full physical exam. He or she may also take a culture of the fluid and put it under the microscope. One the diagnosis has been made, the treatment process can begin. This typically involves a course of antibiotics either taken by mouth or applied topically into the ear. This will eradicate the infection and help the pet feel better. It is important for everyone to follow-up with their vet as prescribed as well. This will ensure that the infection does not return.

Rely on the Compassionate Team at Preston Animal Clinic for Pet Ear Infections

The prospect of dealing with a pet ear infection can be scary for families to go through. That is why the talented team at Preston Animal Clinic is here to help the people of Cambridge with all of their pet concerns. We will do everything we can to get your furry friend on the road to recovery. Call us today to schedule an appointment with a member of our experienced team.