Pet Eye Infection

If you believe your dog or cat has an eye infection, reach out to Preston Animal Clinic in Cambridge to make an appointment with our veterinarians. Here is some information about pet eye infections for you to read so that you can understand the importance of getting treatment for this type of condition.

The Signs of Pet Eye Infections

When your pet is suffering from an eye infection, there are a few noticeable signs, indicating it is time to see our veterinarians for help. A pet with an infection will likely have visible discharge around or in the affected eye. This can be liquid or crusty and may make it difficult for the pet to keep his or her eye all the way open. A pet with an eye infection may squint or blink constantly. They may also try to scratch at the affected eye with their paw. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is best to see our Cambridge veterinarians for an assessment.

What Happens If an Eye Infection Is Not Treated

An eye infection that is not treated can easily escalate into a further problem. If your pet tries rubbing at the infected eye with one of their paws, they may scratch the eye in the process, making the infection worse. An infected eye requires medication to clear up the problem completely. A pet with an infection can suffer from vision problems or even blindness. For these reasons, seeing our vets is best when an eye infection is suspected to be present.

How to Care For a Pet with an Eye Infection

Contact our Cambridge veterinarians if you believe your pet is suffering from pain or discomfort in one of their eyes. Our veterinarians will conduct a full evaluation of your pet’s eye and provide your pet with medication to clear the infection quickly. When caring for a pet with an eye infection, it is important to clean around the eye with a piece of cloth to remove discharge. Do not use the same piece of cloth for each eye, as this can spread the infection from one eye to the other. Be sure to adhere to all of the instructions provided regarding medication and bring your pet back to our vets for a follow-up visit to ensure the infection has ceased completely.

Contact Preston Animal Clinic in Cambridge to make an appointment with our veterinarians if your pet is suffering from an eye infection or another condition. Reach out to our clinic today by calling us at (519) 653-7232 for more information about pet eye infections.