Pet Urgent Care

Emergency Veterinary Services at Preston Animal Clinic in Cambridge, ON

If your pet gets seriously hurt after hours, you need to get them help immediately. At Preston Animal Clinic in Cambridge, ON, we’ll be here whenever you need us to get your pet healthy again. Our experienced veterinary team is available to give you and your pet quick and considerate care.

Conditions that Require Immediate Treatment

It’s always concerning when your pet gets sick or injured. However, there are some conditions that can wait until normal office hours for treatment; others need to be addressed right away. Below are some examples of emergency conditions that require immediate care.


If your pet experiences severe trauma, you should bring them in immediately. Severe trauma includes gunshot wounds, car accidents, falls from great heights, and severe bites.

Breathing Difficulties

Difficulty breathing should always be addressed immediately by our veterinary team.


Your pet may accidentally ingest something that they shouldn’t – whether it’s given to them or they find it. Common poisons that your pet may ingest include cleaning solvents, rat poison, and human medications.


If your pet experiences multiple seizures in a single day or their seizures last longer than a couple minutes, you should immediately bring your pet into Preston Animal Clinic.

Trouble Urinating

If your pet can’t urinate, is only able to pass a little urine at a time, or has blood in their urine, you should bring them into our vet clinic immediately. This could be a sign of a deadly condition known as cystitis. 


Dogs and cats may get upset stomachs from time to time. Only bring your pet in for emergency care if:

  • There’s blood in the stool or vomit
  • The vomiting or diarrhea lasts for more than 24 hours
  • Your cat can’t keep water down
  • Your dog experiences pain, lethargy, or weakness
  • Your pet has a chronic condition such as diabetes


Sudden collapse or weakness is a symptom that’s associated with a wide range or serious conditions. If your pet collapses seemingly without reason, bring them to our veterinary team.

Eye Problems

Eye problems should always be addressed immediately before they get worse.

What to Expect during Emergency Pet Services

The first step in seeking emergency pet services is calling our veterinary team. We’ll help you determine whether your pet’s illness or injury is serious enough that it requires immediate attention.

When you bring your pet into our office, we’ll get right to work determining the cause of your pet’s symptoms and treating your pet. We’ll give your pet the best care possible and keep you updated on your pet’s condition. 

Contact Our Preston Animal Clinic in Cambridge, ON!

If your pet experiences any of the above conditions – or any other condition that is life-threatening – call Preston Animal Hospital at 519-653-7232 immediately. We’re dedicated to keeping the pets in and around Cambridge, ON happy and healthy.